The Meyerhold Centre
With the support of the French Embassy and the French Institute in Russia

Three shows of the festival - three histories that combine gesture and words. If we change the rules and take away leader roles from actors -What could happen between them: contact or conflict, do they attract themselves or not, can they be partners or will they be competitors?
Whatever may happen, plastics and text have chosen and changed each other – as if a ghostly dance was washing out the borders of the Classical Greek tragedy, an old story adapted on stage and that seeks a plastic expression, all the words of an absurd novel, go away and look for happiness in the physical theatre, and let only a few captions hanging above the stage.

8th November at 8pm
«Medea» Company ARIADONE Carlotta Ikeda (France)
Buto is danced by a well-known ballerina – Carlotta Ikeda and a text that was never published is read by the author, Pascal Quignard , is the conjecture of one sheet music, they will tell about the Medea’s misfortune in French, in a dance.

10th November at 8pm
Joint project of Maksim Didenko, Alice Oleynik and Pavel Semchenko.

An incredible group of three people from Saint-Petersbourg – Maksim Didenko, Alice Oleynik and Pavel Semtchenko – will invent for Bluebeard and for the 6-7 women the kind of steps that no word will be able to go against a tragicomical end.

6th and 7th December at 8pm
«How a man crumbled» Clout theatre (France)

The graduates of Jacque Le Coq’s international theatre school in Paris won’t need speech to explain how a man crumbled in Harms’ way.

October 29-31 
– Scenographic workshop of Daniel Janetto
November 2,3 – Workshop for producers, Harry Hill, Emma Stenning ( Great Britain)
November 10-12 – Workshop on Carlotta Ikeda’s Butoh ( France)
November 12 – Handing over the Meyerhold’s price KamaGinkas ( France)
December 7 –Workshop “Work with a text based on Jacques Lecoq’s system” ( France)
December 13 – Dance within a film, author-based program.


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