The VII Annual Meyerhold Meetings Festival
The Meyerhold Centre presents
CLOUT Theatre (France)

With the support of the French embassy and the French Institute in Russia

7th December at 1pm
Main stage of the Centre Meyerhold


How poems and a story can be a starting point for a personal theatric language?

How can the world, chosen by the writer, be adapted on stage?

Which methods can be used in the artistic process while adapting the text?

When we begin our work, how concrete or abstract can we be?

The founders of the theatre company CLOUT will try to find the answers to these questions with the participants to the master class, using the work on gesture, play with the space, the sounds, the colors, textures and poems. As fundament for their work the method of their professor – Jacques le Coq a French actor, a mime and a theatre leader who founded the well-known School in Paris.

The workshop’s participants have to bring whatever text (short if possible – a poem or a story), which inspires them and on which they will improvise using plastic and visual association. Please come in a one color clothes that are suit for movement. You can be shoe-less or in soft shoes.

CLOUT THEATRE, is an international theatre company which works in the genre of Physical Theatre, it is compose of French, Russian, Turkish and English actors. All company members graduated from the international theatre School of Jacque le Coq in Paris where they met and teamed up..
In 1956 Jacq Lecoq founded an international theatre school in Paris. A lot of well-known actors have studied there: Simon McBurny and Annabelle Arden who are the founders of the well-known company “Complicity”

Before going into the theatre Lecoq was a gymnast and worked a few years as professor of physical education. He ended up seeing the movement as a corporal poem and when he started the preparation of the actors, he was looking for the development of the aptitude of each one. The neutral mask is one of the key exercises of his school, it forces the actor to listen to his habits – that way he is able to go beyond his limits.

Lecoq was developing three capacities in his students: le jeu (the game), complicite (complicity) and liberte (freedom) and the majority of the time was dedicated to the circus. Observation is the fundament of this exercise– again and again the observation of the world which is around us. You will recognize your hero by observing people’s behavior as well as the items. Lecoq is encouraging his actors ‘wish to look for all the ways of expressing themselves which goes with their characteristics.

Actors, producers, students of theatre schools are invited to take part in the master class. The participation is free.

FURTHEMORE, the participants will be given a 50% discount when coming to the Clout Theatre’s show «How a man crumbled» on the 7th of December.
The number of seats is limited. You can send your CV and request to vsmeyerhold.centre@gmail.com


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