The VII Annual Meyerhold Meetings Festival

The Meyerhold Centre presents

Joint project of Maksim Didenko, Alice Oleynik and Pavel Semchenko.

Directed by Pavel Semchenko (AKHE theatre).

10th November 2012 at 8pm

The play “Bluebeard. Hope of women” (Blaubart - Hoffnung der Frauen) is written by a contemporary German writer Dea Loher in 1997.
The play is constantly set in different German theaters and other countries, and has won a few prestigious prices.
Maksim Didenko (actor, producer choreographer), Alisa Oleynik (actress, dancor) and Pavel Semtchenko ( artist, painter and one of the founder of the engineering theatre KH”). The Saint-Petersbourg actors joined forces to tell the story in another way
The well-known story of a murderer, told by a German writer Dea Loher, for her contemporary adaptation, is a combination of genres, in the show there was drama, dance and video.
Gymnastic act on a round glass, a cartwheel on a Baudelaire’s poem and the monologues of a blind girl- is only a small part in all the artistic tools that were used.
The tragic history of a deadly love of one man and seven women, eight deaths, kisses and gun shots, turn into different places– in the apartment, the bar, the park, on the stairs and at the railroad station. Bluebeard’s role – Henry- plays Maksim Didenko, and Alisa Oleynik plays all the seven women roles

6 or 7 women, 1 man, 8 deaths, 1 love (endless)
4 monologues, 11 dialogues, 15 pas de deux..
The stage. The wall. Words, quite, hugs, kisses, pauses, gun shots
In the movements in the apartment, on the stairs, in the park, at the railroad station, the actors try to guess by touching, smelling, and hearing or by reflection what was taken from you without knowing it. There is also an original sounding of its own video projection.

The show was acknowledged as the “ BEST SHOW” and the “ BEST STAGE MANAGER’S WORK “( Pavel Semtchenko) in the frame of the II international theatre festival «Art-Okraina». November 2011.

The length of the tragicomic play is eighty-seven minutes without intermission

Maksim Didenko
Alisa Oleynik
Producer: Pavel Semtchenko (KH)
Light technician: Igor Fomin
Video design: Georgiy Mamatov
Sound technician:Kirill Tcherniov




"BLUEBEARD. HOPE OF WOMEN."/ " . ." from Ekaterina_Arsenyeva on Vimeo.

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