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 from St Petersburg

11 February 2012 (all night event)

THEATRE INSOMNIA is an alternative way to spend a night out in Moscow.
At The Meyerhold Centre you will see shows all through the night. Instead of staying at home or visiting your friends, going to a restaurant or a club – join us and spend the whole night at the theatre!

Collaboration of Maxim Didenko, Alisa Oleinik and Pavel Semchenko

Three people – Pavel O. Semchenko (Russian Engineering Theatre AKHE, actor/artist),
Maxim Didenko (a founder of Russian School of Physical Theatre, actor/director) and
Alisa Oleinik (founder of Russian School of Physical Theatre, actor/dancer,) -
met in September 2010 to discuss the possibilities of delivering on stage a theatre play by the means of dance and visual imagery.

6 or 7 women, 1 man, 8 deaths, 1 love (an immense one)
4 soliloquies, 11 dialogs, 15 dances for two. Stage directions.
A stage. A wall. Words, scilence, embraces, kisses, pauses, fire shots.

These are movements in a flat, on a staircase, in a bar, in a park, at the railway station etc in an attempt to guess by touch, by smell, by ear or see in a reflection an undeclared part of yourself, the one you were deprived of. It is also a voice over your own video image.

This tragicomedy lasts for 87min, no intermission

Movements are created and performed by: Maxin Didenko and Alisa Oleinik
Idea and consultation: Pavel Semchenko (AKHE)
Lighting designer: Igor Fomin
Video designer: Georgy Mamatov
Sound engineer: Andrey Shvetzov

BEST SHOW & BEST DIRECTOR (Pavel Semchenko) at the International Festival of Chamber Theatres and Small Scale Productions ArtOkraina (ArtOutskirts)




(a misspelt Russian word meaning one) - a show.

The first documentary show in St Petersburg.

Collaboration of the Theatre-Festival Baltic House and Etude-Theatre (graduates of Veniamin Filshtinsky’s course)

This is a theatre image of St Petersburg’s residents, an observation the city life - from Rzhevka area up to Nevsky Prospect. This is a caravan of portraits and interviews with the citizens – tragicomic and sorrowful, marginal and central. A new St Petersburg mythology is discovered in the quiet corners of Rzhevka, in the grand city squares and in the language that is now far from being proper and pure.

Playwrights: Olga Strizhak and Konstantin Fedorov
Directed by Alexey Zabegin
Production Designer: Konstantin Soloviev
Performers: Anna Donchenko, Rustam Nasurov, Gerasim Arkhipov, Maria Siniaeva, Philipp Diachkov, Vladimir Karpov, Vladimir Antipov (theatre company Organisms)
Voice from nowhere: Maria Shustrova (TRIPINADVA band) and Alexey Mitin

The show ADIN has been awarded a special prize from the nominating board of the St Petersburg theatre awards Proruv (literal - breakthrough)

Join us at The Meyerhold Centre on the night of the 11th/12th of February - instead of having a long promised early night.

Unusual intermissions guaranteed!

Doors open at 11pm

We’ll call it a night when the morning comes!



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