The Meyerhold Centre & vottebe 

Kheifetz’ Students’ Night
final year students of The Russian University of Theatre Arts – GITIS

THEATRE INSOMNIA is an alternative way to spend a night out in Moscow.
At The Meyerkhold Centre you will see shows all through the night. Instead of staying at home or visiting your friends, going to a restaurant or a club – join us and spend the whole night at the theatre!

Based on Daniil Kharms’ texts
Stage version and directed by Pavel Artemiev

The modern world - seen through Daniil Kharms’s works perspective - appears to be terribly amusing and amusingly terrifying. A man and a woman, a personality vs society, an individual and God – all types of interpersonal and transcendental relations are here in the absurd literature. The director is exploring Daniil Kharms as such, the way he is, pointless and pitiless. For this exploration he chooses a highly relative space with only a few things marked – a door, a bed, a sawing machine, a bench and a piano.

Duration 1h 15min

Based on a play by Mikhail Durnenkov
Directed by Ivan Orlov

It is winter time. There is some dangerous and responsible job. There is a bear behind the front door and in a room there are red cups and a red kettle on a table. The two guys are wearing yellow boots and smiling wide to show all their 32 teeth they have got. It is a well-familiar and trouble-free image of modern life as shown on TV. What if nothing exists but this image? What if there is no job, no bear, no winter even? But all that actually exist are the four walls, the two people, the red cups and a red kettle on the table. Ivan Orlov together with the two actors, graduates from GITIS Theatre Academy, is cheerfully looking for an answer in their show The Red Cup.

Duration 35min

Work in progress by The Laboratory of Modern Dance
Choreographer and artistic leader of the Laboratory – Oleg Glushkov

It feels normal for us to use music by Handel, Boito, Rubinstein, Villa-Lobos and others familiar names for theatre productions. Modern pop music we consider to be unartistic and superficial, hence not worthy of out attention. This kind of approach seems unfair to The Laboratory of Modern Dance. Why is it that we ignore the music that is not of minor importance in our lives than Mahler’s symphonies are? Is it true that modern popular music does not deserve our attention at all? This performance by The Laboratory of Modern Dance is researching the issue in order to find answers to those questions set above. Their research is an on-going one.

Duration 1h 20min

We are glad to invite you and Leonid Kheifetz’ students to reflect on Kharms' absurdism, the process of searching for your true self in this weird world of clichés, as well as to enjoy the physical theatre mockery of modern pop music.

Join us at The Meyerhold Centre on the night of the 3rd/4th of December - instead of having a long promised early night.

Unusual intermissions guaranteed!

Doors open at 11pm

We’ll call it a night when the morning comes!

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