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Director and stage disigner Waldemar Zawodziński
Choreographer Kamil Maćkowiak 
Costume designer Izabela Stronias
Light engineer Krzysztof Sendke
Projection Sławek Bergański

Kamil Maćkowiak as Vaslav Nijinsky
Premiere on 3 December 2005

Script is based on "The Diaries" of Vaslav Nijinsky by Waldemar Zawodziński  and Kamil Maćkowiak

The play is based on the memories of the world greatest dancer written only month before his total psychological deterioration. This lavish production by poland's leading repertory theatre exposes the complexity of the greatest artist'sprofessional and emotional world. the story reveals Nijinsky's fight with the psychosis that affected more than half of his life. Mental destruction prematurely ended a fantastic career at the peak of its brilliance, recognition and fame. Stunning, passionate and touching performance by poland's top young actor, Kamil Maćkowiak, who is also a trained professional dancer.

Vaslav Nijinsky - an outstanding dancer and choreographer, the precursor of modern dance. An exceptionally charismatic artist, considered an unattainable example, a hypnotizing phenomenon of movement, iconof his times, hailed as "the god of dance". When in January 1919 Nijinsky performed for the last time, he was 29. rapid progress of mential illness disrupted his brilliant, though short career. In 6 weeks, since the last performance till his being taken to the mental hospital, Nijinsky writes "diares" - a shoking record of the states of psychosis. Vaslav Nijinsky spent 30 years in mental institutions.

He never danced again.

"The god of dance" died in London in 1950.



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