Master’s Degree in Theatre Directing

The Meyerhold Centre was originally launched as an open theatre space for stage directors to search and experiment, as a territory for workshops, seminars and laboratory work.

The MA Programme was started 8 years ago as an essential follow-up to the overall development of the Meyerhold Centre. It is of crucial importance that mature artists, with their opinions and views shaped, are coming to our Centre eager to get more international/intercultural experience and to share their knowledge with each other. Our MA students get introduced and gradually integrated into the world theatre process.

Regular European internships, interactions with international actors and directors, deep immersion in the world theatre environment – broaden the context for our directors.

The MA course is an individual and mature decision of a young director that has got something to say.

This unique Master’s Degree Programme was launched in 2003 by The Meyerhold Center and The Moscow Art Theatre School. Our first graduates got their degrees in 2005.

We have finished accepting application for the Fifth Master’s Degree Directing Course of the Moscow Art Theatre School and The Meyerhold Centre.

We congratulate those who have successfully passed our entrance examinations and are now doing the Programme:

Antonyan Zaruhi (Amenia, Yerevan Puppet Theatre. A Fairytale that Fell from the Skies, directed by Zaruhi was part of The Golden Mask Programme 2008).
Barekis Vidas (Lithuania, www.notheatre.lt).
Vaskova Loreta (Lithuania, Klaipeda – Siauliai).
Kudriavtsev Nikita (Saratov – Moscow).
Lysenko Sergei (Kyrgyzstan, Theatre Place D, Bishkek).
Rak Nikita (Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre)
Chebotar Viacheslav (Moldova, Kishinev)
Shumeiko-Roman Elena (Ukraine, Kharkov)

Leading Moscow-based professors are teaching on the course:
Valery Fokin, Viktor Ryzhakov, Alexey Levinsky, Natalia Jasulovich, Anna Stepanova, Vadim Scherbakov, Ludmila Bakshi and others.

Our most successful MA students are getting internships in Japan, France and England.

Amongst the degree shows of our students there were:

Filoctet (directed by N. Roschin, 2004)
Oedipus by Sophocles (directed by A. Levinsky, 2004)
Ivonna, Princess of Burgundia(directed by P.Safonov, 2005)
Scenes from The Governor Inspector (directed by A. Levinsky, 2010)

Our MA students make independent projects for the Meyerhold Centre stages, they participate in festivals and take part in workshops led by the world leading theatre practicians.

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